At Innerwork Counseling, we offer individual, couples/marriage, and family therapy. During your initial session, we will discuss and determine which type of services may be ideal for your treatment needs. We will complete a comprehensive evaluation that explores presenting problem, family background and dynamics, previous therapy experience, and treatment goals.


Couples and marriage counseling is recommended for those who are experiencing dissatisfaction in their relationship due to past hurts, unresolved conflicts, communication issues, or different backgrounds, to name a few. This form of counseling is designed to provide couples with the tools they need to increase satisfaction, connection, and trust in their relationship through in-session discussion as well as weekly homework assignments.



Family therapy may be recommended in addition to individual therapy. We believe that people are often best understood in the context of their family.  Similar to individual therapy, we will work together to develop a treatment plan that identifies specific goals that the family would like to achieve. Those goals can be but are not limited to, changing unhealthy patterns, improving communication, setting proper boundaries and limits, and working through past and current family conflict.