Innerwork Counseling desires to partner with you as you  take a journey inward that leads to self-awareness, understanding and growth. We believe that honest introspection and reflection combined with a safe, trusting relationship is just what you need to begin to heal. We understand that with healing comes change, and for most of us, change can be unpredictable, scary, and uncomfortable. And while we can’t bypass that part of healing, we will try our best to make it easier by not pressuring you to make changes you’re not ready for, or move at a pace that feels unsafe. Our priority will always be YOU and maintaining a relationship that is conducive to healing based on support, safety, and trust. 


What is “Innerwork”

Innerwork is taking a look inside of self to see what we’re made of— it’s exploring our thoughts, feeling, beliefs and life experiences that ultimately shape the way we show up in the world. Innerwork is about gaining acceptance and understanding of all that we are in a nonjudgmental way that allows us to make an informed decision on what values, thoughts, behaviors,and beliefs no longer serve us and may be hindering us from moving towards our ideal self/life. 


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